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Miriam and I would like to tell you some more news here. Thank you very much for praying for these requests:

Trip to Peru from April to June.

This April 3rd we will be traveling from Mexico to Peru for about 3 months. Due to immigration issues with Miriam, we will not move to Peru yet, but will have to return to Mexico where she will carry the rest of the pregnancy of the baby we are expecting. And from Mexico I will continue traveling to several groups in South America.

Workshops in Pucallpa and San Lorenzo.

During this time in Peru, we will travel to the city of Pucallpa, in Ucayali. Miriam will participate in a “Writers’ Workshop” along with other SIL colleagues.

This workshop is aimed at pastors and leaders of the jungle who are studying a theological institute. Its purpose is to raise awareness about the use of the native language to share the gospel and important issues to their community.

At the same time, I will travel to the Achuar community of San Lorenzo, in the jungle of Loreto, to have a week of training in technology with the translators of the Old Testament into that language. This trip will be an opportunity to reinforce their knowledge while they move forward with the translation of 1 Samuel.

When I return, I will be with the Nahua (formerly Yora) linguists in Pucallpa. We will work on the revision and organization of the different biblical stories they have translated.

Visit to the church in Iquitos.

Finally, we will travel to the city of Iquitos, Peru, at the beginning of June, to visit the church “El Sembrador” which is our sending church in Peru.

We will be able to report, in person, about our work over the last few years and it will also be an opportunity for them to meet Miriam, whom they have also adopted even though they have not met her in person yet.


We thank God for the opportunity to visit churches in Jiutepec and Ciudad Juarez in March to share about our ministry and encourage the church to serve with us:

  • I.B. El Redentor – Ps. Rubén Bahena
  • I.B. BEREA – Ps. Antonio Lerma
  • Misión B. Vid – Ps. Eduardo Robledo
  • I.B. Emaús – Ps. Willy Estrada
  • I.B. Jerusalén Ps. Miguel Ramírez

We are very grateful to Ps. Lerma and his wife Angelita, for hosting us in their home and for all their help while we were in Ciudad Juarez.

We are also thankful to the Lord for the good health Miriam has had. She has only had mild symptoms these first 3 months of pregnancy, which allows us to plan these trips within Peru, and for the good development of our baby.

Thanks to each one of you who are being part of the Lord’s ministry with your prayers, financial support and messages of encouragement.

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Pepe and Miriam

Iglesia Bautista Getsemaní de Cuautla, Morelos, México.

Iglesia Evangélica Unión Peruana El Sembrador de Iquitos, Perú.

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