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 For ever since the world was created, people have seen the earth and sky. Through everything God made, they can clearly see his invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature. So they have no excuse for not knowing God. Romans 1:20

Amazon river, Nanay River and Iquitos city in Perú

It is inevitable to think of the majesty of the Lord, his eternal power and divine nature when we see these enormous rivers and this radiant vegetation. We are children of an immensely creative God that, as Romans 1:20 says, we have no excuse for not knowing him. And yet, sometimes our hearts go astray, we ignore him and fail to thank him. Today is a good day to remember how great and powerful God is. Thank you Lord!

Visiting our Sending Church in Iquitos, Peru

After almost 6 years, Pepe was able to visit the church that has supported him all this time in his missionary work. It was also an opportunity for them to meet Miriam in person.

Thanks to Pastor Juan Hoyos and his wife Yoli for receiving us, taking care of us, coordinating our meetings with different families and giving us the opportunity to participate in several events.

Pastor Juan Hoyos and his wife Yoli

We are grateful that they have been very kind to us, now as a family, and have reaffirmed his compromise to be our sending church in Peru. Thanks to each family that received us, to each member of this congregation. We will be praying for you and we encourage you to keep on seeking the Lord and not to be discouraged in spite of the trials you may go through. May the Lord bless you. 

Reading Club Workshop in Iquitos

One of the purposes of this workshop is that the indigenous people, who always have much less access to reading material in their languages, can have some materials that they can use with their children, in their Sunday schools or even in their primary schools.

Apart from this, we teache them some strategy to show them how to use the material and so, with the use of the Bible in their language, plus other material, the children grow up with a better understanding of their culture and the Word of God.
We had 6 participants from 2 different languages (Kichwa and Matsés) from the jungle of Peru.

We are very happy for the results, since at least 2 of them have shared with us that they are putting their Reading Club into practice. It is a great blessing to have such news because that is the reason for our work: Provide tools and train local people so that they can replicate the teaching in the language of the people in the communities.

Help us pray that every child who participates may know the Lord from a young age and follow Him.

Dictionary workshop

Pepe was invited to participate in a workshop in Bogota to teach how to create dictionaries in indigenous languages in mid-July. The dictionaries are an important complement to literacy, language strengthening and a better understanding of the Word of God.

During these months, Pepe has been preparing for this to give a better support to the linguists and Bible translators who will be attending.

Prayer requests:

We appreciate your prayers for the following:

  • The workshops that Pepe will attend:
    • He will be traveling to Bogota, Colombia this Sunday, July 17 to provide technology support at the Dictionary workshop.
    • Upon his return from Colombia, Pepe will go straight to Oaxaca, Mx to participate as a facilitator in a workshop for leaders of SIL (Summer Institute of Linguistics), the organization we serve with.
  • May the Lord continue taking care of me and our baby and the pregnancy continue to go normally. 
  • For wisdom and provision during this time we will be in Mexico now that plans had to change. Due to immigration issues for Miriam, we had to postpone our move to Peru.

Thank You!

Thanks to each one of you who are being part of the Lord’s ministry with your prayers, financial support and messages of encouragement.

Pepe and Miriam

Iglesia Bautista Getsemaní de Cuautla, Morelos, México.

Iglesia Evangélica Unión Peruana El Sembrador de Iquitos, Perú.

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  1. I loved watching your video and reading your newsletter. The photos are wonderful – especially those of the reading club!
    God bless you both and your little baby!

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