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Results of the trip to Ecuador

We would like to thank you for your prayers and support for this trip. As you may recall, in early December I held a workshop to train teams from two languages of Ecuador (Tsáchila and Cofán) in the use of Paratext, which is the program we use for Bible translation.

The translators arrived at the workshop well and we had five very good days of work. We completed the plans I had for them and they are now moving forward with their own translations: The Tsáchila team is finishing a quick review of the New Testament before starting the translation of the Old Testament for the first time to their language. While the Cofán team is moving forward with the translation of the Old Testament.

Songbook of Corongo already published

In the previous letter we told you about a songbook for the Quechua of Corongo language. A couple of weeks ago I was informed that they were able to finish the procedures to make the application available on the Internet. 

You can download it and install it on your cell phone to read and listen to some of this language. I know you may not understand it, but it will be a close way to experience the resources that are being created:

Nowadays, even in remote places, people have cell phones, which although old, are useful for reading and listening. These applications have been a good tool to evangelize and encourage Christian in recent years. 

Villager and her son using the songbook.

Leviticus and Numbers in Quechua of Lambayeque

Recently the language team has finished the translation of these two books, plus all the detailed revisions that need to be done to be sure there are no errors. When they reach this point the next task is to distribute the text among the people.

One of the fastest and inexpensive way today is through cell phones. Since many villagers have a cell phone, at least an older one, they can read the text and play the audio of the Bible and thus, reach every household.

These weeks I am adding these two books to the application we already have for this language. I start with the audio that they recorded themselves and I cut and compress it so that it weighs as little as possible, then it is necessary to synchronize this audio with the text, ask for permissions for the use of images, make tests and finally publish it on the Internet so that anyone can have access to it.

Miriam will be teaching Bloom

During these months Miriam will be teaching virtually how to make books easily to a sister from Oaxaca in her Zoque language and to another missionary girl among the U’wa of Colombia. They hope to use this application to teach their communities about God’s love in a more creative way.

You can see more of Bloom at this link. You may discover many useful ways to use it in your Sunday school classes – it’s free!

Documents procedures

In January, we were able to register Karina at the Peruvian Consulate (get her Peruvian birth certificate) and we are waiting for her Peruvian passport and ID card. Due to the years of problems in the country, the deadlines to receive the documents have been quite long.

I am also approaching the dates when I will be able to do some final paperwork for Mexican documents, something that will make it easier for me to enter Mexico without immigration problems when we need it.

Finally, a couple of months before returning to Peru we needed to process another round of documents for Miriam and our marriage to take to Peru and start the residency process for her there. These are several somewhat complicated procedures, long deadlines and high costs. 

Prayer requests

We appreciate your prayers for the following reasons:

  • To be able to continue enjoying the growth of our little Karina, as well as to be able to move forward with the ministry and the paperwork we need.
  • May the Lord allow us and our extended family to be healthy.
  • Continue to have opportunities to share our ministry in search of prayer partners and donors to support our family needs as we continue our work.
  • I have a trip to Peru in March, may the Lord use me among the consultants who will be taught more about Paratex.

Thanks to each one of you who are being part of the Lord’s ministry with your prayers, offerings and messages of encouragement.

Printable version, in Spanish

Pepe and Miriam

Iglesia Bautista Getsemaní de Cuautla, Morelos, México.

Iglesia Evangélica Unión Peruana El Sembrador de Iquitos, Perú.

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