December 2021 | Newsletter

Pepe y Miriam

Missionaries in South America

We celebrate that Jesus came to earth as one of us, for his birth brought us closer to his perfect plan to redeem us. Jesus was born, lived among us, died and rose again to give us eternal life with him.


We want to thank the CRB Elim for their support to continue presenting our work and for the endorsement of our ministry. Thanks to their support, we have been able to present this ministry to more churches in the region.

At the same time we give thanks to the churches that opened their doors to present about the Lord’s work in South America. Christian Baptist Churches of Morelos:

  • Iglesia Una luz en el camino
  • Iglesia Cristo Viene
  • Iglesia Betesda
  • Iglesia Cristo el Salvador
  • Iglesia Dios con nosotros

Thanks to the coordinations of our brother Lemuel Cruz who contacted us with some churches in Atlacomulco in the State of Mexico in November. Thanks to these churches for receiving us:

  • Iglesia Cristo La única esperanza
  • Iglesia El Buen Pastor
  • Iglesia Dios es amor

And finally, thanks also to the ministry “De mañana oirás mi voz” (Tomorrow you will hear my voice) for the opportunity to share and for their prayers.


A toda Etnia en su Lengua

We are grateful to the Lord because we were able to give the Bloom workshop we had planned. It was a short 4-session, distance workshop by Zoom. We thank AEL for the confidence and promotion of this workshop.

Unas 14 personas terminaron el curso con About 14 people successfully completed the course, among people from Peru, Venezuela and Argentina. We trust that they will be able to use this very easy to use tool to create biblical or basic education stories in the form of small books or even as comics and talking books.

We hope to follow up on this workshop and present it, now to literacy educators.


This month Pepe had the opportunity to continue supporting the Achuar team. They are translating the Old Testament into their language for the first time.

“On this occasion they had to test what they had already learned about the Paratext program for use in another training time with the Bible translation expert who is advising them.”

Our desire is that the Word of God translated into their Achuar language will transform their lives and that more and more people will have a real understanding of Jesus, what it means to follow Him and the eternal life He offers us.

Thank you for taking the time to read about the progress in this ministry.

If you wish to join us in prayer, you may do so for the following reasons:

  • May God guide the Achuar’s hard time of learning, so that they can start well their translation of the Old Testament for the first time in their language.
  • For our return to Peru next year. May the Lord continue to guide us on the different decisions we must make.
  • May the Lord continue to touch the hearts of the people or churches themselves to join His work in South America so that we can advance in our monthly budget goal that although it is far away at the moment, we are taking steps to return trusting in His provision.

We thank God that Pepe now has the CPAP machine he needed for his sleep apnea!


May the light of our God enlighten us and help us to be a light for those who still walk in darkness.

“We wish you have a Merry Christmas, may you enjoy the life that God gives us through Jesus and may the coming year be full of joy, peace even if there are difficulties and that every day that passes, we may know God in a deeper way.”

Thanks to each one of you who are being part of the Lord’s ministry with your prayers, offerings and messages of encouragement.

Pepe y Miriam

Baptist Church Getsemaní in Cuautla, Morelos, México.

Church Unión Peruana El Sembrador in Iquitos, Perú.

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